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Ice skating in Gstaad

Join Ski School Rougemont and one of our private instructors for ice skating in Gstaad! Gstaad’s large and well maintained ice rink is conveniently located in the center, offering a great alternative to a day on the slopes. Ice skating is a suitable family activity for all ability levels. Our private instructors can teach you the basics of ice skating if you have never put on a pair of skates. Also, they can help you improve your technical ice skating skills for your upcoming ice hockey game or teach you fun tricks on your skates. Come experience the unique feeling of weightlessly gliding across the ice in this exciting, family friendly activity in Gstaad with our private instructors.

Prices for private lessons: 

Full day
1 day: 470 CHF – 9am – 4pm (max. 5 hours)
1 day unlimited : 560 CHF
1/2 day short : 320 CHF – 9h – 12h
1/2 day long : 415.00 CHF – 9.30 am – 1 pm
1/2 day : 320 CHF – 1pm – 4pm
1/2 day : 310 CHF – 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm