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Traditional cheese in Gstaad and Rougemont

Visit one of the many traditional dairy farms in Gstaad and Rougemont, where production of cheese is the same as it was 100 years ago. Learn and witness everything there is to know about the production of alpine cheese in this region, as well as life in the Alps and the distinctive culture of the local people. In this tour you will visit a generational family chalet in the mountains. Cheese is produced from the milk of the animals on the farm on an open fire, a tradition that has been passed down through the generations. Our private guides are from the area of Gstaad and can help explain the entire production process.  Choose from a complete experience where you will see the entire process from start to finish, or a condensed tour where you see just the highlights. This authentic summer activity is great for the whole family. The children can experience the animals on the farm while the parents enjoy the stunning mountain views surrounded by pristine nature. Combine this tour with your day hike or mountain biking excursion for the perfect summer adventure.

Additionally we offer a cheese tasting tours, where you can sample the different types of alpine cheese produced.

Full day: 470 CHF
Half day: 320 CHF

Tasting: + 15 CHF / person